walking thoughts (is walking words, is writing steps)

sometimes I wonder if I should choose between walking and writing
when I write I wan’t to walk
when I walk I want to write
sometimes I fear not having enough time to do everything
but then I remember what I once wrote about time
“walking makes time disappear”
when I reread my words I remember and I know
and I want to go on a walk again
but only because the words are there to remind me
but only because I walked to be able to write down those words

sometimes I call myself a walking artist
even though I have doubts about naming things, naming myself
maybe I should call myself a writing walker

writing makes me worry about time
writing makes me want to walk
walking makes me write
makes me write time doesn’t exist

(images: documentation from two walks, Monique Besten in Amsterdam/de Pijp for Tussenland, 2008 & Amsterdam in Cork for Relocating Discovery, 2009)

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