Painter: Do you have a talent?
Jacek: Not really.
Painter: Maybe you know how to make shoes? Or grow a tree?
Jacek: A tree? Yes, a tree, yes?
Painter: Well, you’ll be all right then

(Decalogue, Krzysztof Kieslowski)

Every day I sit on the Kieslowski Square in the center of Sokolowsko and read the script of the Decalogue. Sometimes I look up and see the cinema where as a young kid Kieslowski climbed on top of the roof with his friends to see the movies being shown there through a hole in the roof.

The Kieslowski Square feels like the center of things. Nothing out of the ordinary happens here but every day there are small encounters with people, conversations, people laughing or fighting, old people walking by slowly, young people sitting on the benches drinking beers, somebody watering the plants, the polecat running around in the dark. There is happiness and anger, there is fear, there are expectations and disappointments, small and big dreams.

Some days I try to leave Sokolowsko and I walk through the town where once the first TBC Sanatorium in the world was opened, the old villa's and beautiful building still breath the spa atmosphere, the history is very present and is central in the ways people try to build a new future here through art.

Some days I try to leave Sokolowsko and when I pass the square I always sit down for a few minutes, but the minutes turn into hours and I never leave. And I don't mind, because everything is there already.