Wolf traces

Yesterday, when I went for a walk through the woods where I spent most of my childhood and "climbed" the Haarlerberg, the "mountain of Haarle" (63,2 meters), I forgot I still had a sticker of a wolf attached to my forehead, planted there by my niece Tirza who wanted me to guess what animal I was.

Today I received some photos from Andres Roberts (Ways of Nature) who is in Romania to explore the area where we will spend a week in October for the Fire & Shadow programme. They showed the beautiful Carpathian Mountains (over 2.000 meters, highest peaks over 2.500) and wolf and bear tracks.


memory of a bumblebee

just now i was sitting outside in my garden
somewhere in the countryside in the netherlands
drinking coffee and looking at the birds chasing each other
when i heard a bumblebee just behind me
the low humming
and i remembered a day in sweden years ago
when one was caught in my room
moving slowly along the windowsill, bumbling
and before i opened the window to let it out
i took a photo of it
but my camera was even slower than the bumblebee
that slowness


Cold dreams

I love sitting on my balcony. Moving through the world without moving. Seeing the people pass by, a small part of their story unfolding under my feet.

It is a beautiful sunny day in Barcelona, one of the warmest days this year so far. I look down and see two small boys carrying a gigantic image of a winter scene through the city.