from: the woman without baggage (part 2)

the woman without baggage
rented a room in a city
as close to the sea as she could get

when noisy cars passed by at night, likes waves
she wrote
but not like this

like the sea she wrote
salty and dark


how are you? he asked
in a different language
very good, she said
in a new one
but she pronounced it wrong


she never meant to grow cucumbers
cacti can be left alone
suculents have their private water storage
in every leaf
but she didn’t recognise the plant
until the yellow flowers showed
and then it was too late

she took life seriously
that isn’t a problem
she had no problems
she had no baggage

until he took her to ikea
she bought a lamp in the shape of a cloud


she took a cat
or more accurately: the cat took her
one day he was there and he didn’t leave
he licked her ear
and put his small paws around her neck
she fed him well
fresh meat
the heart of another animal
in pieces


one day
read: once upon a time
read: never

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