It is always time to love

Where did it go? I stayed up until 3 am to see where it went but in the moment I kept my eyes on the time in the left corner of my computer screen to see when 02:59 would change into the next hour, it had gone already. It is stored somewhere and will be returned in the fall. An hour had vanished, the time had changed but times aren’t really changing. In 6 minutes and 20 seconds 17 young students were gunned down, one of their classmates made it tangible by being silent for 6 minutes and 20 seconds during a speech she gave at the March for Our Lives yesterday. The Brazilian politician and activist Marielle Franco died in an instant. Life on earth has lasted at least 3.5 billion years. When I was asked earlier this week what I would do if I only had an hour left to live I wrote down the first thing that came to mind: nothing. None of the other answers that were given seemed more appealing to me, apart from maybe “making love”.

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